While Elijah Rocket doesn’t directly threaten the “status quo,” they do relish the thought of giving it a life-threatening panic attack one day.


Elijah Rocket members met while working together at the same New Orlean’s music store.


We appreciate brevity and loathe loud noises, unless we make them; then feel free to jump on the bandwagon.


Diante Carridonna (vocals/guitars) The circus ran away to join him. Believes if he drinks enough “Rock Star” he will become one. Cuts his hair strictly by the Moroccan calender. Laughs like a hyena at his own jokes.


Chad Bourg (drums) Drumming in excess of 4 decades, despite being only 22.  He’s louder, faster, younger, thinner and better looking than you. Maintains his “outsider status” by being dangerously edgy yet completely huggable - simultaneously.


Elliot Newkirk (bass) Hired after a rigorous parking lot audition including a wicked game of tiddlywinks, then Frisbee. Eats only lettuce wraps and birdseed. Only band member who flatly refuses to wear a “man bun.” (also laughs at Diante’s jokes)


Elijah Rocket is currently recommended by 4 out of 5 people who recommend things.